In 1926, a group of concerned Hagaman citizens met together to solve a problem. Together they founded the Hagaman Volunteer Fire Company and began providing fire services to their friends and neighbors. For almost 100 years we've been continuing to build the family that they started, and we've been providing best in class fire and medical services ever since.


  • Sixty-nine Hagaman citizens meet in the Post Office at the Brick Block to found the Hagaman Volunteer Fire Company. The HVFC’s objectives are to “Extinguish fires and preserve property within the VIllage of Hagaman, NY,” and to “cultivate and promote social intercourse, moral and intellectual improvement.”
  • The first Fire Truck, a Brockway with American La France equipment, is purchased
  • The original wooden fire house is located on Willam St. in the Village of Hagaman. 
  • Meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday nights, providing a quorum of seven men are present.
  • The first uniforms are blue flannel shirts, and six-cornered hats.


  • The Hagaman Volunteer Fire Company incorporates and is renamed the Hagaman Volunteer Fire Department


  • The original firehouse which had been leased to the Hagaman Volunteer Fire Department by Lewis Harrower, is purchased
  • The fire alert system is the pounding of a railroad flange with a mallet. It is hung in the center of the village


  • An air siren is installed on top of the firehouse to alert firefighters of an emergency


  • The Ladies Auxiliary of the Hagaman Volunteer Fire Department is organized
  • The first officers are Mrs. Lansing Uhlinger, Mrs. Lewis Banta, Mrs. Stanley Brown, and Mrs. Thomas Wolfe


  • The Hagaman Auxiliary joins the State Auxiliary
  • The Hagaman Auxiliary’s by-laws are established
  • Mrs. Lansing Uhlinger is Hagaman’s first delegate to attend a state convention in Syracuse


  • Seven area homes have telephones which are tied into the emergency phone number
  • The first person to answer the call presses a button which activates the alarm siren
  • A regular dress uniform is adopted primarily for marching in parades


  • The area protectec by the Hagaman Volunteer Fire Department becomes the “Hagaman Fire Protection District and the Village of Hagaman, New York”


  • Plans are started for an addition to the firehouse which will allow for the housing of five vehicles


The Hagaman Volunteer Fire Department’s Objectives are updated as follows

  1. “To acquire and own fire apparatus of any kind and nature for use by the organization in the protection from injury, loss, damage, or destruction by fire”
  2. “To provide fire protection to the Town of Amsterdam Fire District #2 and the Village of Hagaman”
  3. To foster interest in all matters pertaining to the Volunteer service and the welfare of the Volunteer Fireman”


  • The Hagaman Volunteer Fire Department purchases nine home alert monitors for firefighters that live the longest distance from the station. 


  • The Hagaman Volunteer Fire Department purchases home alert monitors for all members of the department


  • The Ladies Auxiliary of the Hagaman Volunteer Fire Department disbands


  • The Hagaman Volunteer Fire Department begins accepting social members


  • Construction completes on the Hagaman Volunteer Fire Department’s new firehouse. It is located at 126 South Pawling Street in the Village of Hagaman

To this day, the Hagaman Volunteer Fire Department continues to grow and develop from the single truck fire station that we were born from. We are always looking for new members to help us continue our mission, and urge anyone to submit an application for membership.