Are You Ready To
Answer The Call?
Join a family of brothers and sisters who's sworn duty is to protect their neighbors and community by whatever means necessary
Are You Ready To
Train With The Best?
Train with the best in the business on fighting fires and providing medical support to members of your community
Are You
Seeking Higher Education?
Volunteer Firefighters have an abundance of scholarships at their disposal to help pay for college tuition
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Are You Ready To Answer The Call?

With over 70% of firefighters being volunteer, we’re seeking new blood now more than ever. Volunteer firefighting has been around for centuries, and the rewards of it go far past the gratification of helping the community that you love.

Receive FREE Education!

All of our members receive free on-the-job training through our weekly drills. You’ll be able to take a plethora of certification courses offered in our area as well at no charge to you!

Career Opportunities!

Interested in going professional? You’ll gain all of the necessary experience working with us that will give you the upper hand during your application process!

Free Health Checkups!

All of our members are required to take an annual physical, which is provided free of charge!

Receive Scholarships only provided to firefighters!

As a volunteer firefighter, you’ll be able to apply for an abundance of scholarships that are only offered to men and women of our service!

Tax Credits!

As a volunteer, you’ll be eligable for some extra credits come tax time. Who doens’t like a little extra spending money?

Free Insurance!

Our department’s members are all covered under workman’s compensation, as well as additional life insurance!

If these perks excite you, then let's take a look at everything you'll be doing as a member of the Hagaman Volunteer Fire Department!

Fight Fires!

Be the one running in while everyone else runs out! Save lives and property while working along side your brothers and sisters!

Weekly Training

Our department holds weekly drills every Monday night. You’ll be doing hands on training with the best in the business to increase your skills as a firefighter!

Provide Emergency Medical Services!

Around 70% of our call volume comes from medical emergencies. Work by the side of EMTs to save lives, and even become one yourself!

Work On Committees!

Our department has a committee for everything. You’ll be able to join as many of them as you’d like to do the things you love during downtime!

And Much More!

Our department is ever expanding, and new opportunities come up every single day. The call to action is ever present and we need men and women just like you to answer and become members of a brotherhood that runs centuries deep. If all of this excites you, you have only one question to ask yourself. Are you ready to answer the call?